Transformative Journey: Perth Mom Sheds 46 Pounds and Rediscovers Herself by Kicking One Habit


12/5/20232 min read

Transformative Journey: Perth Mom Sheds 46 Pounds and Rediscovers Herself by Kicking One Habit
Transformative Journey: Perth Mom Sheds 46 Pounds and Rediscovers Herself by Kicking One Habit

In a remarkable weight loss journey, Perth mom Jodie Marah has unveiled her inspiring transformation, shedding an incredible 46 pounds and reclaiming her pre-baby weight within just one year. The 36-year-old's journey serves as a testament to the power of making simple changes, and she is now on a mission to share her story to inspire and motivate others on similar paths.

Starting Point: A Struggle with Weight

A year ago, Jodie found herself at her heaviest weight of 176 pounds, wearing size 16 clothes for the first time in her life. This propelled her into the 'obese' category on the BMI scale, a classification she found unfamiliar and unsettling for her petite 5-foot-3 frame. A busy mom, Jodie struggled to prioritize her health and had unknowingly picked up some unhealthy habits over the years.

Inspiration Strikes: A TikTok Revelation

Jodie's turning point came when she stumbled upon weight loss success stories on TikTok, shared by individuals who, like her, had undergone transformative health journeys. The visual representation of others reclaiming their well-being sparked inspiration, prompting her to delve into research, videos, and podcasts on weight loss, calorie deficits, and fitness.

The Struggle Within: Rediscovering Identity

Despite still feeling beautiful at her heaviest, Jodie experienced a sense of losing herself. A lover of fashion, she found that her evolving body hindered her from enjoying fashion in the same way. Late-night snacking on sweet treats had become a toxic habit, leading her to consume entire blocks of chocolate. She shared, "The worst part about being overweight that long was that I felt a sense of losing myself."

A Simple Change: Kicking the Late-Night Snacks

To initiate her weight loss journey, Jodie decided to make a simple yet impactful change—quitting late-night sugary snacks. Slowly but steadily, she eliminated other snacks throughout the day, addressing her sugar cravings. Additionally, she revamped her food choices to ensure proper fueling, adopting the '80/20' way of eating, where 80 percent of her diet comprised healthy choices.

Tracking Progress: The Power of Calorie Awareness

Jodie delved into understanding the calories needed to maintain her current weight and calculated the deficit calories required for weight loss. She started weighing and tracking her food using an app for convenience, emphasizing a diet rich in protein and vegetables. This meticulous approach, combined with her dedication, allowed her to lose 46 pounds and drop four dress sizes in less than a year.

Sharing Wisdom: Slow and Steady Wins

Through her TikTok account, Jodie is now sharing her weight loss journey, offering tips and tricks to inspire others. Her advice is rooted in the philosophy of slow and steady progress. She urges people to approach their health journey with love for their bodies, emphasizing the importance of mental preparedness and a positive mindset.


Jodie Marah's weight loss journey exemplifies the transformative impact of small changes and a dedicated, sustainable approach. Her story resonates with many individuals navigating similar struggles, serving as a beacon of inspiration. As she continues to share her insights online, Jodie advocates for a holistic approach to health, fostering self-love, and embracing the journey toward well-being.